Food grade conveyor belts are mainly used in the food processing and manufacturing industries. We at Cherry Belts, manufacture some of the best quality conveyor belts for different industries. Since these food-grade conveyor belts come in direct contact with food items, we adhere to the FDA standards while manufacturing them. Our makers handle the belts with supreme care to prevent the surfaces from chemical reactions with the food items.

A good belting system is important for the airline industry to effectively manage various operations. Cherry Belts manufactures reliable belting solution that helps in proper baggage handling. From check-in, scanning to sorting, and loading, conveyor belts are essential. We manufacture the best quality conveyor belts for smooth operation at airports.

Conveyor belts are useful since they can handle extremely high temperatures, 200oC. At Cherry Belts, we manufacture heat-resistant conveyor belts that are extensively used in the cement industry. It primarily conveys cement and is designed from synthetic rubber compounds.

The textile industry uses conveyor belts for conveying both packaged goods and general cargo. We at Cherry Belts, manufacture durable textile conveyor belts for enabling a hassle-free operation of various machinery. Some of the common areas where our conveyor belts are used are covering machines, rotor spinning machines, texturing machines, and others.

We understand that conveyor belts have a major role play in the iron and steel industry. At Cherry Belts, we design abrasion and scratch-resistant conveyor belts. We make general duty rubber conveyor belt, reinforcing the best quality nylon or EP fabric. It helps with the quick transportation of the raw materials. Our belts are useful in other areas like mining, smelting, etc.

Mining industries deal with high resistance materials like pellets, cement, chemicals, sinter, etc. Understanding the requirements we manufacture heat-resistant conveyor belts. Besides, our belts come with long service life. The belts also have cover rubber that offers satisfactory tensile strength as well as abrasion resistance. Few areas of application are the mining industry, transporting hot pellets, sinter, etc.

Keeping in mind the extreme temperature conditions in the foundry industries, we design foundry-grade rubber conveyor belt. We manufacture durable quality belts, which protect against the deteriorating effects of the foundry industries. The conveyor belts are used in areas of storage, cold and hot rolling, packaging, shipment, etc.

Be it for handling the arrived raw materials or sending them to the ships for exporting, conveyor belts are extremely useful. Keeping this in mind, we make anti-corrosion conveyor belts. You will get great reliability along with efficiency which makes us different from others.

Thermal power plants always need heat and fire-resistant conveyor belts. These help in carrying the raw materials from one place to another inside the plant. Since the safety of life, as well as materials, are necessary, we at Cherry Belts design fire-resistant conveyor belts.

Glass industries require tough and conveyor belts as it requires high-temperature applications. Due to this reason, we at Cherry Belts manufacture durable quality conveyor belts that help in the molding of the glasses. Apart from that, we also make timing belts that aid in glass polishing as well as cutting.

The demand for conveyor belts is quite high in the ginning industry as it helps in carrying cotton to the gin. Besides, it also helps with cotton discharging. We understand that material handling is a significant part of the cotton industry. Thus, we ensure to manufacture high-quality conveyor belts as it affects the quality of the cotton after manufacturing the product.

Chemical industries require conveyor belts that can be used in aggressive environments. From highly acidic chemicals to alkaline ones, the chemical and fertilizer industry uses everything for manufacturing final products. Hence, we design chemical-resistant conveyor belts. They come with anti-chemical corrosiveness as well as resistance towards highly acidic and alkaline chemicals. Therefore, even if the industry uses highly concentrated chemicals, the belt will not erode.

The output of the stone-crushing machines depends on the quality of the conveyor belts used for the machines. Keeping that in mind, Cherry Belts designs some great quality conveyor belts. Since stone crushing involves high-pressure and professional machinery, our conveyor belts are made with anti-scratch materials. This increases the longevity of the belts.

The sugar industry involves various methods until manufacturing the final product. From grinding, cutting to crushing, there are various applications. We manufacture sturdy and high-quality conveyor belts that help in loading and unloading packages. Besides, we understand that transporting materials to different sections of the sugar plant is necessary. For this, you need strong conveyor belts and we at Cherry Belts make sure to manufacture quality conveyor belt  

Waste treatment plants require conveyor belts as it carries cakes, sludge, raking, and other unwanted wastes. Considering this fact, we make sure to manufacture high-quality conveyor belts that are durable. These help ion carrying wastes in bulk from one section to another in the ETP and STP.

In the present era, waste water treatment chemical plants have a high demand for conveyor belts. Water treatment chemical plants involve different applications like conveying grit, screening as well as dried biosolids. Due to this reason, we manufacture high-quality conveyor belts that help in hassle-free working of the treatment plants.


The industries are very much essential in order to have the basic raw materials for performing And
Fulfilling various daily needs in order to have a better life. hence it is very much necessary for industries
to inculcate the quality equipments for having the best productivity.

This is where, the kashetter group of firms comes with providing different kinds of industrial products
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also custom designed different types of products according to the needs of the industries in India and
deliver them the same.

we have all the equipments and products with having the certification from the recognised standards of
Indian as well as the international committees and we never fail in terms of quality and efficiency of our

not only the equipment, we are also supplying different kinds of water treatment chemicals which are
highly safe and a must required products for different applications in industries. these chemicals are
usually used for different water systems, boilers cooling systems etc
All the industrial areas in Bangalore are very well known about us and most familiar with the products
and services we are providing to all the clients. we always maintain a good relationship with all the
clients by following the professional ethics and methods in every step of carrying out the business.

Not only in Bangalore we are providing the equipments and products to the industrial sectors overall
India which includes, power plants, Pharmaceutical industry, agro based industry, chemical and fertiliser
industry, food processing and packaging industry, mining industry, and a lot more industries are
included In both small scale and large scale.
If you want to know more about us and about the services we are providing, you can always get in
contact with us through various forms or you can also visit our website for detailed information.